We serve shipping companies, airlines,
industrial enterprises.


MDS Group entered the market of industrial cleaning of surfaces in 2004 and started its activities at the Sea Port of St. Petersburg (www.steamline.ru). It performed a variety of works in preparing holds and cleaning the structural elements of sea-going and river vessels.

In 2006, MDS Group entered the North-West region’s market offering a full range of services in industrial cleaning of surfaces from any type of contamination. In 2011, the group started to operate at the Pulkovo International Airport. Our professional team has all the expertise to provide the customers with the best solutions for the tasks of any complexity.

Our company is a winner of the III Wings of Business Award, nomination "The Best Service Company" for the highest achievements in the field of business aviation in Russia.


  • Hydro- and wet abrasive blasting of structures and surfaces (0-800 Bar)
  • Steaming under pressure (+150C; 0-100 Bar);
  • Washing with the hot and cold water under high pressure (5-100C; 0-500 Bar) with and without special detergents;
  • Preparing the surfaces for painting and corrosion-resistant coating;
  • Hydrodynamic treatment;
  • Pumping and disposing of petroleum products;
  • Sandblasting;
  • Chemical treatment;


  • Washing and cleaning the aircraft bodies including individual elements;
  • Preparing, washing, cleaning the holds of sea-going and river vessels for loading, changing cargo and during maintenance and repair works;
  • Cleaning the fuel tanks from oil residues;
  • Cleaning the shipping pipelines (ballast, fuel, fire-fighting systems);
  • Removing the ice, defrosting the structural elements in winter;
  • Cleaning, washing and disposing of oil products from tanks of various applications;
  • Disposing of industrial waste of various hazard classes;


  • Hydro- or high-pressure water cleaning – applied for cleaning the surfaces and materials with water under high pressure (0-800 Bar);

  • Hydro-abrasive treatment – abrasive treatment of surface with sand or any other abrasive powder, which is sprayed with water or other liquid;

  • Steaming under pressure (+150C; 0-100 Bar);

  • Chemical treatment – the materials are coated with chemically active substances or held in chemically active environments;

  • Sandblasting – abrasive treatment of surface with sand or any other abrasive powder, which is sprayed with air;